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What is SDK?

SDK is the acronym that you hear these days especially when you want to build mobile apps or build anything on the available today’s technology.

So SDK stands for a software development kit and now let’s have a look at what is this kit and what is included

so basically a software development kit is a software package that you download off the internet and it contains three main things the first thing that usually is included in the SDK is some sort of development environment

we call it IDE integrated development environment and basically it’s some sort of glorified amazing code editor which allows you to write code and gives you some kind of code editing tools and some version control system and stuff that you can play with and it helps you a lot with writing code easier so at first kind of part of an SDK is an IDE and usually.

It’s a part of the mobile SDKs mobile development environments such as Android or iOS in the case of Android it’s an Android studio intern in the case of iOS it’s Xcode and for Windows Phone and Windows 10. it’s Visual Studio so the IDE is usually what you find in mobile SDKs. 

The next part of the SDK is the packaging kind of libraries like the packaging tools that allows you to build the code that you write in

the IDE and turn it into a binary package and usually, these are called build tools and they allow you to turn your code into a package that you can all upload to

App Store or Google Play and the next thing are the set of tools that you can use to measure your app’s performance and basically measure and find out about bugs and find the memory leaks and stuff like that so basically this is the three different parts of and a SDK for mobile apps but usually when we talk about SDKs sometimes we just don’t mean the mobile SDKs there are plenty of new

technologies coming out one could be a leap motion which is a development platform for a whole new interface you can look it up at leap motion just google it and they build this really amazing tool that you set up in front of your monitor and then you can basically have a kind of a three-dimensional touch interface and interact with your computer that way they have a development kit

being offered and the development kit is not just the software it also is the hardware as well so they give you a kind of a demo version a kind of an extended version of their hardware and then they give you the software you need to build for that platform so development kit is basically what you need to start building on a platform and the tools the library is the API that you need to kind of extend that platform and build the things you want with it so basically that’s it for SDK. 

What is SDK in simple words?

SDK is a stand for ‘software development kit’, SDK is like a toolbox. All the programs were first built with SDK. SDK is Contain/include instructions, libraries, documentation, etc which help developers to build and develop software and applications. Devkit is short of the software development kit. SDK is developed for a specific programming language. If you build an Ios application you need an Ios SDk toolkit, If you build an android application you need an Android SDK toolkit if you build a wireless device like Bluetooth, the mic you need to nordic SDK toolkit. There are different types of kit for macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, or third party SDK’s.

Characteristics of a Good SDK

  • Developers easily use this 
  • Documentation can easily explain how your code works
  • Doesn’t negatively impact CPU, Battery, etc.

Difference between SDK and API 

API stands for Application protocol interface, API is a code that allows 2 Apps to communicate and exchange data. Think of an API as a Delivery boy getting your applications requests  to some different software, then return the response back to your app.

SDK stands for Software development kit, SDK is a large kit that can contain several API’s plus many other tools to connect software together.

SDK in Applications

Most of your favorite apps are actually made up of SDKs here are some examples of some SDKs that you have probably interacted with before Google has multiple SDKs for example including Google Maps where the lab creates viral marketing features for your app like referral programs and chatbox Facebook has an SDK that allows you to add Facebook login to your app.

Apple, Google, used SDK. The operating system and android application also used SDK. Software Framework, programming language also.

What’s included is an SDK?

So what exactly is included in an SDK in an SDK you’ll find documentation which describes the program to the user developer. it’s a step-by-step overview of how to integrate the SDK you’ll also find libraries of pre-written code that a developer can call upon to incorporate into their own code and an application programming interface more commonly known as an API which is a standard for requesting services from another application if you’re using an SDK you need to make sure that whichever program you’re hooked up to is always working and that all information is passed through is up-to-date the API make sure that this is the case.

What Does in all mean? Example

let’s compare app-building to building a house let’s say you buy a house and you want to knock it down and do a full remodel when you’re building the new house you likely won’t do from scratch you might but that will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money instead you would build off the old house’s infrastructure before actually building the house you’re going to think about the space room-by-room each room will be a separate project of sorts eventually all time the entire house together.

let’s use the bathroom as an example with planning and building the bathroom you would use a bathroom development kit or BDK this BDK will include the tools to help you build your new bathroom it will also include a bathroom module I said a bathroom fixtures a sink a toilet a shower your documentation will then teach you to step that how to apply the kid how to actually connect the new bathroom pictures to the old pipe.

In the libraries would be the old floor plans that you can build your new bathroom on top of using these old plans you’ll notice the full infrastructural layout of the bathroom you’ll know how all the piping work so you’ll know where everything goes you’ll know where to put the shower the toilet and the sink.

The custom code is the final bathroom which includes the libraries, the old infrastructure, the new fixtures that you place on top of the infrastructure and your noob code which connects the fixtures to the piping. 

The API would be the piping that connects the bathroom and the rest of the house to the city’s water supply water or information in the case of an app is constantly flowing through these pipes as a constant stream of communication the API ensures that the SDK is always working and always up to date.

Think of SDKs like building blocks each SDK serves a specific function the house is made up of different rooms for each different room there might be a different development kit to use for example a kitchen development kit apps are made up of multiple SDKs however the special sauce is how you use the SDK how you alter it and make it work within your own app to create value for your users a hundred people might have used the same bathroom development kit so each of those 100 bathrooms will be different and unique. 


What is an SDK, Exactly?

An SDK is a set of software tools and programs used to create apps for specific platforms or programming languages.

What’s inside an SDK?

SDK includes tools that developers can use and integrate into their own apps, such as
Code library

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