What is programming languages| 4 Best books to learn

What is programming languages?

Programming languages are a set of words and some symbols used to write programs a programming language is a combination of some words and some symbols the combination of these symbols and words makes some programs the platform on which these programs are written which is called programming language. java is a programming language similarly python and similarly, C++ is also a programming language there are many programming languages in the market nowadays. 

What is programming?

The definition of programming is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it. we that computer operators on instructions it can’t run without instructions a human can work without instruction but a computer can’t work because it is 0% intelligent we have to give our computer instructions to take work from it then the programming is a collection of orders and instructions for a computer that instructs computer that what should it do now and how to do that.  

Types of programming languages?

The level indicates the amount of abstraction between a programming language and machine language. Which is a set of instructions executed directly by CPU and is the only language a computer is capable of understanding. A low-level programming language is a programming language that provides little or no abstraction of programming concepts and is very close to the hardware.

A good example would Assembly language or machine code. Programs are written in low-level language are directly executable on the computing hardware without any compiler or interpreter.

With low-level languages, the programmer has complete control over things like memory allocation, which makes them very efficient. Because of this, they are great for writing operating systems or firmware. They are however very difficult to use and the development time is longer.

There are many high-level languages, such as Java, PHP, C#, Python, and Swift.

The first high-level languages like COBOL or Fortran were introduced in the 1950s.

They are closer to human language, and because they have a very strong abstraction, code written in the high-level programming language is easier to read, write, and maintain.

Programmers don’t have to think anymore about things like registers or memory management.

Instead, they can rely on functions, objects or garbage collectors, and other abstractions

which makes the process of developing a program much simpler. They are also much more independent of a specific computing system architecture. Needles to say, the edge of the level is moving. For a C programmer, Assembly is a low-level language.C is a low-level language, and so on.

  1. Low-level programming language that is near to the computer it means that the computer can understand it easily but a human can not understand it.
    1.  Machine language
    2.  Assembly language
  2. The high-level language it is near to human beings it is close to human but it is for away from the computer, the computer can not understand it it is near to human and far away from computer-human learns it easily let’s suppose English like words are used in programming then it is easy for a human to understand it as we know that computer does not understand this language directly because it understands the only binary language. 0 and 1. it is the native language of the computer it directly understands 0 and 1 it can not understand English like word. 

Examples of high level language are 

C++: It is using to build an operating system.

Java: It is used for web development and android development.

Python: It is used for  machine learning and Data science. 

What is computer programming languages? 

A computer is a general-purpose machine that can perform many computational tasks.

Now the modern-day computers that we have can perform billions or trillions of calculations within a fraction of second.so for a laptopto try and dothusmething one needs toprovide the directionsto that and these instructions can contain step by step data to perform a selected task and these directionsarknown as program.

Now the one thatgoesto put in writing these directions or the program is namedbecause thecomputer user|coder|software engineer|engineer|applied scientist|technologist|computer user} and here the programmer can write directionsor the program and therefore thepccan execute that or pccan work thereondirectionscurrently the computers that we’ve they contain heaps of programs in them.

Some programs can manage the pc hardware resources and hey square measureknown as the system programs and there square measure some programs that mayoffer specific practicality to a user.

for example, the Notepad web browser music player video player, and all these types of programs are called the application programs. 

Now we know that we need to give instructions to the computer so that the computer can work on it now the thing is how we can instruct the computer or in which language we can give instructions to the computer.

Now since this computer is a machine how we can communicate with this machine. now the language during which these directions square measure written or the language during which this program is written is termed the artificial language.

What is machine languages?

You guys may probably hear that the computers can only understand the binary language.

0 and onethereforeduring this binary language

whatever you would liketo mentionneeds to be within thestyle of this zero and one.

Nowhere these computers square measureinbuilt such the simplest way that they’llperceive or

they can acknowledge the pattern of the zeros and ones sothey’ll work on thatconsequently.

Now why we have built the computers to understand this binary language?

That is because this binary language that has only two values is easy to create at the hardware level.

for example, if we have a wire and if the current is flowing through this wire

then we can say it is 1 if the current is not flowing then we can say it is zero.

So, in general, we can say that one stands for something which exists and zero stands for something

which doesn’t exist so since this binary language is easy to create at the hardware level.

So the computer is built in the hardware-level to recognize this pattern of 0 and 1 and while building

the computer for a specific pattern of 0 and 1 specific setup operations are defined.

When the computer will see a specific pattern of 0 and 1 it knows what it has to do.

so now the computers can understand this binary language and this binary language with

the computers understand are also called as computer languages.

How to learn programming?

If You are new in programming First you learn c language it helps to clear your logic and concept and

help to learn a high-level language. like- java, python, etc.

Books For Learning Programming:

  • Let us C by Yashavant Kanetkar.
  • C: The complete reference by Herbert Schildt.
  • Programming in ANSI C by E. Balaguruswamy.
  • Headfirst C by David Griffiths

Important Websites for Programmer:

  • Reddit
  • StackOverflow
  • Github
  • dzone
  • hashcode
  • TechCrunch


Programming languages in demand?

Yes, Programming languages are highly demanded in the future. There is nothing technology without programming languages. The programming language is a great scope in the future companies are searching for experts in programming languages. 

How many programming languages are there?

There are 700 programming languages available. But some programming languages are mainly used like java, python, c,c++, PHP, javascript, R, Html, CSS, SQL, etc.

Which programming languages should I learn?

If you are new in programming you always go to c programming because it helps to clear your logic and it is easy to learn. If you already know c programming you can go with high-level programming languages like java, python.

How many programming languages exist?

There are a total of 700 programming languages exist 

What are the programming languages on the computer?

In computers, we can give instructions to computers to perform a particular task with the help of programming languages.

Best programming languages to learn?

There Are many programming languages are best if you are interested in web development and application development you can learn java programming and if you are interested in machine learning, Deep learning, Neural networks, and artificial intelligence, you can go with python.

If you are interested in data science learn R programming language.

Are programming languages are most dangerous weapon of the world?

yes, programming languages are the most dangerous weapon in the world. You can do everything using programming languages.

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