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What is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It is known as the oracle database, Oracle DB, or simply oracle. It is produced in a market by oracle corporation.

Oracle is one of the largest wonders in the IT market and the shorthand name of the flagship product.

A relational database management system that is RDBMS that’s formally called Oracle database. The Database software sits at the center of many corporate IT environment sums supporting a mix of transaction processing, Business Intelligence, and analytics applications.

Now understand the term Database, DBMS, and RDBMS.


A database is a platform where we can place the data for future references. A database is a collection of interrelated data that is a database that always stores data along it’s a relationship.

DBMS (Database management system)

The database management system that is DBMS. A Database management system is essentially a collection of interrelated data and the set of programs to access this data. This collection of data is called the database management system. The primary objective of DBMS is to provide a convenient environment to retrieve and store database information.

The database system supports a single user multi-user environment. While on the one hand DBMS permit only one user to access the database at a given time on the other DBMS allows many users to simultaneous to the database prospectively.

A Database system conses of two-part mainly the Database Management system and Database application. A database management system is a program that organizes and maintains the information. Whereas the database application is the program that lets us view retrieve and update the information stored in DBMS.

RDBMS (Relational Database management system)

The RDBMS is a Relational Database management system. The relational Database management system is one of the type of ‘Database model’. The main objective of the Database is to store the interrelated data and maintain the data.

The basic elementary piece of the data is called as Data Item. We assumed that items do not subdivide into smaller data types and at the same time retrain users of the data. The Relationship among the data which shows how they are related is called the Data model.

A few of the available database models are file management system, Oracle Database system, Network Database System, and which is one we are currently looking for  RDBMS (Relational Database management system).

The relational model that is RDBMS is the model which was the first outline in 1970. The Components of the relational model are a collection of objects and relations that store in data and the set of operations that can act on the relation to producing other relations.

Data integrity for accuracy and consistency. It has only logical representations that are in the form of a table that has been built on the concept of rows and columns. The intersection of rows and columns give a single value.

No Data redundancy, No physical link relation is maintained logically supports null value integrity constant provides high-security supports unlimited size, supports to store any data types including numbers, Characters, Dates, images, audios, text, and files.

Data can we store among several users at a time. Data can also be shared several platforms like other RDBM software, oracle database is built on the top of the sequence standardized programming languages that database administrator, database analyst, and other IT Professionals 

too used to manage databases and query the data store than them. The Oracle software is the type of PLSQL and implementation developed by the oracle that adds the set of proprietary programming extensions to standard SQL. A common practice among the RDBMS menders.

Oracle database Also support programming in Java a language written in PLSQL or java can also be called from the other language. Oracle database is the first database design for enterprise Grid computing.

Enterprise grid computing provides the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage information and applications. In addition oracle in working to establish its self as a leading cloud computing vendor after initially being slow to embarrass the cloud.

A different edition of oracle Database 

There are four editions of the oracle database which are-

Enterprise Edition

It is a most robust and secure edition it offers all features including superior performance and security.

Standard Edition 

It provides base functionality for users that do not require an enterprise robust package.

Express Edition [XE]

It is lite weight and free limiter windows and Linux editor.

Oracle Lite

It is designed for mobile devices.

The oracle corporation is the largest software company in the field of Database business. It’s relations database was the first support SQL which has since become the industry standard Oracle database is one of the most trustable widely used relational databases engines the biggest revival for oracle is the Microsoft SQL Server. Oracle Database mostly runs in the windows, Linux, And Mac operating system.

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