What is Nodejs | Why you should learn

What is Nodejs

Node and nodejs are exactly the same things, you can say a node is a nickname for nodejs. The js extension stands for Javascript. Javascript on your backend servers javascript is mainly used for frontend but using node you can use javascript in the backend. Node offers a lot more think

Then executing javascript on the server. In fact, Execution of javascript server is not done by node at all. It’s a virtual machine like a V8 engine by google. So you can now define node as just a Wrapper around a virtual machine like V8. You can call it like a coordinator who instant executes javascript code in the server.

Now a part of the virtual machine you can use other virtual machines such as chakra but, V8 is actually the default virtual machine for node and it’s probably used by most of the nodejs developers. So when you write javascript from the node, Node will pass javascript to V8. Which is your virtual machine.

Then V8 executes javascript and tells the node what a result is and the node is made available to you. So well the very simple story. So you can define the node as a wrapper around V8 with some handy builtin modules providing rich features through easy to use asynchronous APIs. 

Is node only used for backends?

You can use node not only for backend servers to execute javascript code but also you can use in frontend in application development. In the front end, you can use automated in our daily tasks such as-builts or unit tests. Angular is also used as a node for installing packages and compilation of typescript to improve front end software development.

Why learn nodejs?

should you learn node.js and the short answer is absolutely you should now let’s go into the detail in short and see why you should learn node.js so the first parameter is difficulty well node.js is easy to intermediate to learn and you can easily learn node.js in my opinion so that’s fun if it is easy to learn then you can learn it with less time and start developing a real-world project.

the second is speed so node.js is a compiled language that makes it fast and it also uses the system concept of event loop so it is going to use less memory to do a task that will require more memory in a multithreaded language so that’s a great thing the next thing is the community support so node.js has probably the most number of packages in the world and you will find a tutorial on almost or maybe everything it.

you need and then you get supported as a ticket from all the service so if you want to utilize let’s say Twilio PayPal stripe or maybe regional services then you are most probably going to get support for SDK in node.js since it is so famous and so much in demand then the platform support well you can do mobile development with ionic react native or native script so you can go with mobile development you can do front-end because it is javascript you can do back-end because it is javascript and the language is called node.js.

back-end you can do desktop development using electrons so you are okay you can do anything with the language then comes the salary part so node.js is well it pays good node.js developers get most payment than PHP developer in a lot of cases and it depends on your position but you are not going to face any kind of problem with the node.js the payment is always good with the javascript and

now the most important part it is fun to work so you will enjoy working with node.js once you learn it and that’s great and that’s really important so after learning node.js you will not feel like why I have learned this language I have to write a lot of code or it is not fun kind of thing it’s fun to work and let’s talk about one part which is future-proofing so yes node.js is actually future proof in the future you are most probably going to see cons terms like serverless are required or kind of things so node.js is I think the first language

which was supported by the serverless technologies and you can also learn machine learning with the node.js by tensorflow.js kind of thing I believe I’m not aware of that but you can do that now there is one con which is the only con in other things or pros in the language and that is it has too many libraries so if you go there you are presented with so many choices and you have to do a little bit of study in some cases about all of them and make your decision like which one is well supported and kind of thing so that’s pretty much it.

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