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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a modern programming language and it has been inspired by the languages that came before it Java, c#, Python. it’s been it the creators of the language really tried to make the best of those languages and really put it into a single language that makes it really easy for developers to use and help them be really productive. so it is a general-purpose language.

it supports functional programming as well as object-oriented programming paradigms. it’s also statically typewritten therefore the kind of the information is decided at compile time in order that helps catch heaps of errors in your code previous time but it also has a powerful type inference system so when you’re defining like your variables and things like that if it can infer what the type of data it is like for example,

it’s going to be an integer then you don’t have to explicitly say that it’s going to be an int and so by that by being smart about it and knowing what type that you want to use it actually cuts down the amount of code that you need to write making it faster for you to develop and Kotlin is also open-source it was created first by JetBrains and there’s a whole community of contributors contributing to it and also JetBrains and Google have formed the Kotlin foundation as a partnership to really promote protect and advance the Kotlin programming language so there’s a lot of investment in this language to move it forward all right.

History of Kotlin

This project the Kotlin project started in 2010 and then Kotlin 1.0 was actually released in 2016 and then it kept picking up steam in 2017 Google. Google announced that it was officially supported language for Android and that was huge news because before in when building Android apps you had to use Java but now you can write them in Kotlin, therefore, each square measure equally supported currently you’ll use Java or Kotlin however

It is apace gaining quality and in recent years in 2019  at Google i/o Google announced that Android would become It first so some of the new features like the jetpack features and an API some of those new things are going to be calling first so as a developer to take advantage of the latest and greatest on the Android platform you really want to start investing and learning Kotlin so you can take advantage of those and I also wanted to add that you know Kotlin as a language has also been improving over time so as recently as March of this year Kotlin 1.4 preview has been announced so there’s adding features to improve the language continuously. 

Why kotlin is important

There are some top reasons why developers love Kotlin and first of all, it’s a very expressive language, and when I expressive it means that you can express the concepts that you want in your code with very few lines of code.

where you have a lot of boilerplate code in Java you can actually reduce it to very few lines a Kotlin code and so kind of a magical moment there are so many different little things that Kotlin does help you write shorter code like I was saying earlier type inference.

so that’s a great thing to help us become more productive also code safety with type system they it really tries to help you catch your mistakes ahead of time or prevent you from even making mistakes in the first place

so there’s something called mill safety where we’re calling Billy tries to prevent null pointer exceptions and Lalit will also be giving you some examples about that another huge feature is that colin is 100% interoperable with Java so for those of you who already have projects in Java you can add Kotlin to it and you know it will work seamlessly so if you already have an Android app in Java you can perhaps add unit tests in

Kotlin you can add as little or as much Kotlin as you want and so over time then more of your codebase can become more common so that’s a great feature you don’t have to like it’s not like you have to commit right away you could like you know slowly add new features and call into your app next is tool friendly that was

one of the huge ones of the things that the creators of the language really wanted to get right they wanted to make sure that it works with existing tools and infrastructure so there’s great tooling support you can use IntelliJ or Android studio or eclipse a number of popular tools also another big benefit of Kotlin is structured concurrency in an Android

The app typically you will have a lot of background operations like network calls or database operations and when you do those your code can get kind of complicated there’s a bunch of callbacks it could be hard to debug and so with co-routines and what’s offered in Kotlin you can actually make your code more sequential so it’s easier to read Kotlin has actually grown to get the number for most loved language on among developers based on the stack overflow developer survey in 2019 so it is a language that a lot of developers are very excited about.

Java vs kotlin

Kotlin, which is relatively new to the scene, or Java, which is the old language that has been around for many many years. In general, my advice is for new projects to focus on Kotlin. The reason for that is that’s an up and coming language and over the last two years, in particular, Google has been heavily promoting Kotlin as the alternative for programming Android apps.

I think there are a few reasons for that, although it’s not been said officially by Google, I think the fact that they’re in a dispute with Oracle over the use of Java is something that’s weighing on their mind and they’re looking to free themselves perhaps from that license restrictions because there’s a lot of ongoing arguments and court cases actually involved with Oracle and Google over the use of Java in Android app development.

So think in the long term we’re gonna see a similar situation with Kotlin and Java as we saw with Swift and Objective C with iOS development, and that’s where Apple, they used Objective C for many years and transitioned fairly quickly over to Swift and now I would say that Objective C, although it’s still being used for legacy applications, in other words, applications that were developed before Swift coming out, I think certainly the vast majority of programming projects coming out now are worked or actually created in Swift. 

Benefits of kotlin

  • Mature language and environment
  • Easier Development
  • Seamless Integration with android studio
  • Safar than java
  • Multiplatform
  • Easy to learn

Companies using kotlin programming language?

  • Basecamp
  • Google 
  • Flipkart
  • Coursera
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Pinterest
  • Trello
  • CordaPostmates

Kotlin Compilers

  • Javac
  • LLVM
  • GraalVM

Is kotlin better than Java?

Yes, Kotlin is better than java programming. In the future, Kotlin is a very important programming language in android development. Google also promotes kotlin programming language.

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