What is javascript? [Uses][Importance][Learn free online – 2 ways]

What is javascript:

Once upon a time, there was an online. You know, a bunch of computers all connected by wires. One person on a pc will browse documents from another person’s pc employing a language referred to as markup language. 

Each computer’s web browser will properly show these documents. Add CSS to the combo and you’ve got a beautifully-styled web content. 

It is necessary to notice that neither markup language nor CSS is programming languages. back in Back in 1995, a couple of folks at the web browser began to marvel. 

“What if there was the way to write down a computer virus for the browser?” this manner, once markup language and CSS get sent from one pc to a different you’ll be able to conjointly send over some programming. 

This code would run in someone’s browser and build good higher user expertise. therefore JavaScript was born! you are most likely conversant on Twitter. 

They use tons of JS on their web content to try things. Such as gap up a tweet in a very larger window as an example conjointly, any of the actions below a tweet can trigger some JavaScript to be run

 If I click the star to favorite a sweet javascript can tell the server, “This tweet is currently a favorite.” If I click on reply you’ll be able to see the JavaScript behavior at work over again — it focuses on the swollen reply box. 

All of this behavior is created attainable by JavaScript. It’s worth mentioning that java isn’t JavaScript. they’re 2 separate programming languages. JavaScript isn’t only for programming within the browser, however on servers, game programming, databases, and even robots.

Uses of javascript and importance:

JavaScript was first launched in the year 1995 it was just a language that is used to make your page interactive.

if you want to create a webpage you need HTML right so using HTML you can create a web page but, if you want to design it better you can use CSS and to make a page interactive.

example if you want to alert your user using some pop-up window you can do that using JavaScript right so the only way to create that pop-up windows and those you know changing of images on the pic on the screen was possible using javascript and we also used to buy date forms

right so we used to create those pages for validations and everything was done with the help of JS right so there was not much importance for JavaScript earlier days but nowadays everything is built on JavaScript I am NOT promoting JavaScript here there is no way related Java is related to JavaScript two different languages.

Java Is Great. JavaScript let’s start with this one if you want platform if you want a platform-independent language we go for Java right because we say Java is platform-independent it works on all the good platforms then let’s say you want to make an

application for mobile devices of course.

we have to use either Android or iOS or if you want to make a cloud application right you want a SAS software if such a software service

example if you talk about Gmail and it is a software service right so everything is built or you can build all this stuff with the help of JS also let’s say you want to make a class a cross-platform software you can use JS think about this one which is mobile applications so if you want to make an I make an app for Android we have to use native programming right which is Java

and XML but using javascript we can make hybrid apps example if you want to make an app for Android we require Android programming to make the iOS app you need Swift programming for Windows you have to use c-sharp instead of that use one language JavaScript and you can make the hybrid apps right so we can use JS to make mobile apps. 

The example we have frameworks like PhoneGap we have an ionic framework we have all those stuff now what next so for mobile devices we can use

JS for websites if you want to create the UI normally if javascript is used to make the page interactive right but we have evolved it right we have jQuery now so example if you have a page in which you want to change the images continuously they know you want to change slide next image right you can use

JS there but knowledge is done

with the help of jQuery right so we have 

jQuery for that you want to send the asynchronous request again it’s a very big concept right a single sink or synchronous requests we can achieve that with the help of again JS which is based on a Jax right then we have

there’s a concept called as angular JS it has evolved a lot you know how you can make a single page application I mean single page website using angular js about Gmail it is built using angular js which means you can create a page which is linked single-page website right and it will make you feel that it is your desktop software you will not feel that it’s a website right so that is possible with the help of angular js it’s a single page.

JavaScript for website designing or the UI part and you can also use JavaScript for the back end part.

Learn javascript online:

There are many ways to learn javascript online

Websites for learning Javascript :

  • Udemy – Udemy is one in all the World’s largest online learning platform. It is one place wherever you’ll get access to several programming courses. The best half is that courses from numerous domains are offered and additionally they’re offered in numerous languages.
  • freeCodeCamp –  Free Code Camp is an Associate in Nursing open supply community that helps you learn to code, build unpaid credits for nonprofits, and obtain employment as a developer.
  • Upskill –  I’ve searched plenty of on-line courses however one amongst the free courses that I extremely suggest is Upskill if you would like to review full-stack net developer.
  • W3schools –  W3Schools is an excellent site to start coding.W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.
  • SoloLearn – Sololearn may be a smart platform for Practice lessons and topics
  • Codecademy – Code academy is a website for online courses.

Best Youtube Channels for learning javascript:

  • Kent C.
  • dev mentoring.
  • JavaScript Evangelist.
  • SkewCode
  • coworker.
  • Edureka
  • Codewithharry
  • Freecodecamp
  • Hitesh Choudhary
  • Kudvenkat

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