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What is Go programming language?

Go programming language is open-sourced and it was a closed source, I guess, project internally at Google. The whole idea was rather than writing very big servers, with big machines, many cores, many developers, all of that thing. So, with Go basically, what they tried to do it, let’s remove all of the fancy things and Go down to the simplest possible tool that can do the job. That result is Go, really. I used to write C++ and I assumed that to write powerful things, you needed a powerful language. Then, when I start writing Go, I realized that that was pretty wrong because at the end of the day if you have a simple and effective tool, that works very well. The good thing is that since the tool is so simple.

Who made  Go programming language?

It is not the task of a normal person, normal humans. The Go language is created by three legends why I am calling them legends. 

Rob Pike 

  • He was a member of the UNIX team.
  • He’s the creator of the Limbo programming language. 
  • He’s involved in UTF-8. 

Ken Thompson 

  • He is the Creator of Unix.
  • He is the creator of the utf-8 coding scheme.
  • He is the creator of B programming language which is the procedure of C programming language.
  • He was the director of Professor of C language actually Ken Thompson and RobPike was a fellow on Bell Laboratories.

Robert Griesemer

  • He is the creator of the JavaScript v8 engine on which node.js runs.
  • He is the creator of hotspot JVM Java Virtual Machine.
  • He is a creator of Sajal programming language.

So think about these three legends who have written the foundation of programming by creating these things they had created the foundation programming and they are coming up with another language so it’s not yet another programming language it’s another great programming language.

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Why go programming was created?

Why these legends have created go initially on 2006 when the first dual-core processor was released Google was facing problem with scalability none of that language the so-called great languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python,  none of these languages meets that requirement are capable of handling that scalable system of the server’s so that’s why on 2007 these three rock pike, ken Thompson, and Robert Griesemer conceived and created Go language on 2007 after two years on 2009 it was released at open-source language and on 2012 its first major version was released which was goo 1.0 so that’s why go language was created.

Why we need to learn Go Programming language

Go is the highest paying language. according to Stackoverflow so that is very nice and it is rapidly growing in the world many big giant companies are accepting goo for their huge huge infrastructures also goo is a general-purpose language you can do almost anything with go you can do web development you can use it in machine learning you can use it for creating command-line tool you can use it to handle the server and what not I consider goo as the future language. Go is the language of the future.

Companies using Go programming language

  • Uber is using go for its microservices.
  • The Netflix is using go for handling heavy data processing and that is actually for recommending great shows TV series for different users, 
  • Adobe is using it for server handling.

So these three are using it for different purposes but not just these three languages 

  • Firefox 
  • Apple 
  • dropbox

which is fully written in a goal on YouTube which is now fully converted into Go language and dropbox every company is now accepting go there are lots and lots of companies which are using  Go language so growing is actually a different language it is not yet another language it is not it just like other languages.

What is the difference in the Go programming language?

What good doesn’t have who doesn’t have a header file? It doesn’t have an exception nor inheritance nor constructor, it doesn’t have void classes, a notation template array Mac nothing if Go language doesn’t have all these things.

Why every company is accepting Go programming language?

It is statically typed and it has its own garbage collection which is evolving with every release and because of that go is extremely fast you can build a go program on Mac OS and you can run it on Windows that means Go language is cross-platforms go has lots and lots of packages they are ready to use just plug and play and your task is done.

Why learn GO programming language


The power of Go for any programming language to be powerful it has to be efficient and has to have straight code a straight code means only one simple way of writing something so you don’t have to brainstorm you don’t have to think about a better way there is only one and that is the best way so if you have looked upon good things and while we learn Go because that JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby is neither good for efficient programming nor have beautiful and straight code but C, C++, Java is good for efficient programming but not has straight code here comes our goal and GoLang has straight code and it is very efficient for concurrent programming it is more powerful than closure the sharp and Erlang so that’s the power of Go.

Go for Everyone

Go language is good for humans must have fast and fun while writing and if it is good for computers. it has to be fast and efficient in terms of execution. C, C++ is good for computers but it’s not good for human it is not fast and fun for human but Ruby Python poll is yeah good for humans but not good for computers here comes GoLang which is yes good for humans it is fast and fun for writing GoLang and simultaneously it is fast and efficient for computers it is more powerful than Java so that is the power of GoLang.

GoLang is better than NodeJs

The creators of node.js left NodeJs just because of GoLang. TJ hallo uture he has written a medium blog post on that he’s saying that I’m leaving node.js because of Go so the title of his blog post on the medium is farewell node.js.

Ryan down Randall is the creator of node.js and in an interview, he said that I think the note is not the best system to build a massive server web I would use go for that, and honestly, that’s the reason why I left node the creator of node left node it was the realization that oh actually this is not the best server-side system ever so think about this a language dragging another language creators so what you want from a language like GO.

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