What is front end developer-Best 5 Frameworks & Lang?

What is front end developer?

front end developer a web developer, with a focus on what the user interacts with on a website.

So they work with the web designer, but also they work with back end developers as well,  the front end development though, they implement the web designer’s user interface and basically get that working if you will.

Now, that’s basically the look and feel of the website, but also, they interact with the back end process, if there is one, for a website.

And, to these days, all but the most trivial or basic websites usually have some form of backend or server process.

Now, some sort of data storage or whatever it is. So, to hopefully clarify this a little bit more, the front end developer that’s implemented that website and then they’ve also added the functionality there so that, once the button is clicked, in this case, the little image button there,

it takes you to another page; so, the front end developers basically added the code to do that; and that new page, if the user clicks a button on that page, they’ve added that functionality as well,  the front end developer focused on the front end.

Front end developer Languages?


HTML is a descriptive language that allows us to tell a web browser how to handle text content. It is the oldest language of the web.

Even though it took a few years to be formally defined, the very first web page created by Tim Berners Lee was already using a proto HTML.

And if you’re curious about it that page is still online it is an acronym standing for HyperText Markup Language It is quite self-descriptive but that requires a little explanation.

Let’s start with that markup language thing. It just means HTML provides a system to annotate some plain text with tags.


CSS is an acronym standing for Cascading Style Sheets.

It’s a technology that was introduced at the end of the ’90s with the idea to create a clear distinction between text semantics and presentation.

As the graphic abilities of browsers were growing, using purely HTML.


JavaScript is the programming language at the heart of the modern web. It was created in 1995 but very quickly, in 1997.

It has been standardized at the standards organization ECMA International under the name ECMAScript.

Front end developer Frameworks and Libraries?


Angularjs is an MVC style JavaScript framework for creating single page data-driven applications the MVC just stands for Model View controller and that’s the design pattern that separates our data logic from our output HTML just makes things easier as we update our application and code. Angularjs is primarily used to make a single page, data-driven applications.


Backbone.js offers structure to internet applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with an expensive API of countable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a reposeful JSON interface.


Reactjs is a JavaScript library or framework having to reach out to a server and fetch a new view therefore react.js is often used as the V in an MVC pattern. it is a library for creating user interfaces.


Express.js is defined on its website is a fast, opinionated, minimalist web framework for node.js. I like to think of express as a layer built on top of a node that helps manage a server and routing. 

Some other front-end developers frameworks:

jQuery: jquery is a fast, small, and feature-rich javascript library.

SASS: CSS with more powers. Sass is the most secure, mature, stable.

front end developer jobs?

Web designer:

Web design is essentially working with a creative team or creative people to combine writing and graphical elements to create a compelling message online for your potential customers.

The most important thing to think about there is the message flow. Oftentimes, marketers skip over that but you want to think about telling a message from the top down.

User experience (UX) designers:

UX stands for user experience which is how a person feels when using an app. The good user experience should make users happy and think that the app is awesome. The UX design studies the many processes of a system.

Front end developer Salaries?

The salary of frontend developers.

  •  Average – 46k $
  • Medium – 71k $
  • Maximum – 107k $

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