What is Django in python? Best 2 way to learn online

What is Django is used for?

Django in Python: Django framework is a free and open-source web framework. What’s a framework? The best description I ever heard of a framework is that it’s a collection of tools that you have to use in a specific way to get the best results. So it’s less like having a toolbox and more like having a couple of modular kits from IKEA. There are many possibilities for what you can do, but there are limitations. Even so, Django is still extremely flexible, allowing for a wide variety of websites to be built on top of it, from a simple blog to complex collections of data and features, like a newspaper. 

Why Django is the best?

The Django framework is known as the web application framework that means you can build web applications. if you talk about any business they need there own online presence in fact most of the virtual solutions which we use nowadays are web applications. 

For example, if you buy something online we have amazon, we have Flipkart, we have eBay. 

If you want to book a cab we have uber, we have ola, we have so many applications available which are based on the web so if you want to build them you will use Django framework. We know about websites you can build a website with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript. So basically we use HTML to design the page, HTML is makeup for the website. 

If you want to improve your design you can use CSS. To make your website interactive use javascript so yes we use HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the front end. What about the backend part. What if you want to make a website as a dynamic website. 

The example you go to Facebook everyone screen is different every one feed post is changed. If you go amazon you can buy, transfer the amount online all these things to need certain operations processing done back inside and that will we need a language work on the backend.

But which one so we have some options we have java, servlet, PHP, ASP, python. But how can we do that python that will have the Django framework, so you can use Django to build a web application the backend part in python? 

Django framework is not only one framework available but it quite famous that. one thing is famous which is MVC  it does not matter which language you learn maybe java, PHP, or ASP. 

We have this thing common MVC (model view controller) now basically we can separate the consensus. We have a model for data, we have a view for format view, we have a controller which controls the operations. 

In General, MVC helps to build good web applications.but in Django, we have some similar to MVC not exactly MVC. Which is normally call at MVT, So the MVT (Model View Template), So basically in MVC we have replaced Controller as view and view with the template.

Advantages of Django framework?

  • Django is fast, so Django helps you to build applications faster.
  • The number of components available.
  • Security, the Django provides you the best security.
  • Scalability 

Best website to learn Django framework?

  • William Vincent’s Site.
  • Real Python.
  • Udemy.
  • Coursera 
  • The Django Documentation.
  • Freecodecamp
  • DEV.
  • Edureka.

Best youtube channels to learn Django frameworks in free?

  • Codewithharry
  • Formyscholars
  • Edureka
  • Freecodecamp
  • Telusko
  • Clever Programmer

What can I do with python Django?

You can create amazing Web applications using Django, Django is the most powerful framework for building a web application, you can create applications like Uber, Amazon, Flipkart,eBay, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. Django is really awesome you can create amazing projects. You can do anything using Django.

Is Django good for backend?

The Django framework is amazingly simple to get started in the back-end and without a doubt it was Django. Django framework is an amazingly powerful and secure framework. It is really good for the backend.

How to install Python?

Step 1: First go to the official python website python.org 

Step 2: Go to the download section and select the package according to your system configured.

Step 3: Download Python 3. It is the latest version of python.

Step 4: if Download Complete, Install Python 3 on Your laptop or PC.

Step 5: Congrats Python Has Successfully install on your laptop or PC.

How to check python version?

Step 1: Open your Command prompt (cmd).

Step 2: Type in CMD “python” or “py” or “python –version” or “python -V”

Step 3: Press Enter you will get a python  version on your cmd 

Note: If Some error in this step please check python installed on your PC or laptop.

How to install Django in python?

Step 1: First install python Goto python.org and download python 3.

Step 2: After python 3 downloaded install pycharm.

Step 3: Open pycharm and create a new project.

Step 4: Open terminal in pycharm. 

Step 5: Type command pip install Django.

Step 6: Waiting for Installing Django it takes some time

Step 7: Successfully installed Django.

How to check Django version?

Step 1: Open your cmd.

Step 2: Type “python3 -m django –version” in your cmd.

Step 3: Run command if you installed Django it shows your Django version. 

Is python Django easy to learn?

If you learn python or other programming languages. Django is easy for you, you can easily understand. And Django framework has also used HTML, CSS, and javascript not too much but you know some basic knowledge about these languages.

Django open source projects for beginners?

Virtual assistanceYou can create your own virtual assistance using Django with many functionalities.
E-commerce SitesYou can easily create an e-commerce website using the Django web development framework.
User Login systemYou can create a user login system with the help of Django.
Chatting ApplicationYou can create Chatting applications like Whatsapp.
Library Management System You can create a library management system using Django framework.
Todo AppYou can create a todo application using Django its an easy project for beginners.
NotepadYou can create notes applications using Django.
QuizYou can create a Quiz application using Django.
Email SenderYou can create an email sender application using the Django framework.
News AppsYou can create News applications using the Django framework.
Password GeneratorYou can easily build a password generator using Django framework.
Social networking appsYou can create an application like, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora etc. using the Django.
Video callingYou can create video calling applications using the Django frameworks.

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