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What is data science?

Data Science Simply put, it’s an interdisciplinary field that turns data into knowledge so its story may be shared and action taken. It begins with data extraction, followed by deep analysis, and ends with presenting actionable insights to decision-makers. With the help of data scientists, important questions relating to any business, organization, society, or the world, which otherwise may never have been asked, can now be answered by data. But, there aren’t enough data scientists to meet the growing demand.

According to Data science experts –

DS is a process, not an event. It is the process of using data to understand different things, to understand the world. For me is when you have a model or hypothesis of a problem, and you try to validate that hypothesis or model with your data. 

DS is the art of uncovering the insights and trends that are hiding behind data. It’s when you translate data into a story. So use storytelling to generate insight. And with these insights, you can make strategic choices for a company or an institution. 

DS is a field about processes and systems to extract data from various forms of whether it is unstructured or structured form. 

DS is the study of data. Like biological sciences is a study of biology, physical sciences, it’s the study of physical reactions. Data is real, data has real properties, and we need to study them if we’re going to work on them. 

DS involves data and some signs. The definition or the name came up in the 80s and 90s when some professors were looking into the statistics curriculum, and they thought it would be better to call it data science.

But what is DS? I’d see data science as one’s attempt to work with data, to find answers to questions that they are exploring. In a nutshell, it’s more about data than it is about science.

Best data scientist books

Books For the beginner –

  • Introduction of statistical Learning
  • Data Science at the command line
  • Think Stats
  • Python Data Science handbook
  • R for Data science
  • Data Smart by John W. Foreman  (Author).
  • Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka  (Author).
  • Python for Data Analysis by William McKinney.
  • The pandas cookbook 

Best Youtube Channels For Learning Data Science-

  • Tech With Tim
  • Sentdex
  • Corey Schafer
  • Python programmer
  • Keith Galli
  • Data science dojo
  • CS Dojo
  • Edureka!
  • Data School
  • CodeWithHarry

Best data science roles: 

  • Data Science
  • Decision Maker
  • Analyst
  • ETL Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Best Libraries for Data Science in Python:

  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • Scikit-Learn
  • SciPy
  • Tensorflow
  • Plotly
  • Ipython

How to start Learning Data scientist

There are countless different courses, certifications, degrees, and boot camps that you can take. Most people are too overwhelmed by all the options so they simply don’t pursue this awesome career path.

 In this article, I give you my best tips on getting started in the field. The step by step process for learning this field. Unfortunately, what works well for you may not work well for other people. For example, I know that formal education works really well for me, other people can self motivate and learn on their own far better than I can. 

The first part of learning is understanding yourself. If you know the style of teaching that you like, it is a lot easier to find a starting point.

Top skills you needed to become a data scientist:

1. Probability & Statistics

DS is concerning victimization capital processes, algorithms, or systems to extract information, insights, and build wise to selections from the information. therein case, creating inferences, estimations, or creating a prediction forms a crucial part of information Science. Having a chance with the assistance of applied math strategies helps you create estimates for any analysis. Statistics are generally hooked into the idea of chance. golf shot it merely, each area unit tangled.

2. Multivariate Calculus & Linear Algebra 

That’s a huge term, right? While most machine learning, invariably data science models, are built with several predictors or unknown variables. Knowledge of multivariate calculus is a significant add-on for building a good machine learning model. Also, you should get familiar with some topics of mathematical topics to get a better hold of data science.

3. Programming, Packages, and Softwares course! 

DS essentially is about programming. programming. and programming Skills for knowledge Science brings along all the basic skills required to remodel information into unjust insights. While there is no specific rule about the selection of programming language, Python and R are the most favored ones among beginners and professionals.

4. Data Wrangling

Often the data a business acquires or receives is not ready for modeling. It is, therefore, imperative to understand and know how to deal with the imperfections in it. Data Wrangling is the process where you prepare your data for further analysis; transforming and mapping raw data from one form to another to prep up the data for insights. For data wrangling, you basically acquire data, combine relevant fields, and then cleanse the data. 

 5. Database Management

I believe that information scientists are completely different folks altogether; they’re master of all jacks. they need to grasp mathematics, statistics, programming, information management, image, and what to not be a “full-stack” information person. eightieth of the work goes into making ready the info for the process in associate degree trade setting. With lots and huge chunks of knowledge to figure on, {a information|a knowledge and information} person should have the skill to manage that data. a number of the popular direction systems embrace MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL.

6. Data Visualization

It is a graphical illustration of the findings from the info into consideration. you would like to comprehend that sensible visual images effectively communicate and lead the exploration to the conclusion. a knowledge visual image is one amongst a lot of essential skills to become a knowledge individual as a result of it helps you to higher portray things visually, and helps establish a real-world worth from information.

Some Queries related to Data Science

Is data science a good career choice?

Yes, DS is a really good career choice because all software Companies search and find the best DS experts, and in data science many roles of job in companies. It is a good choice for a Career.

Which programming language is best for data science?

R programming language is one of the most widely languages for DS. R is best for data analytics and also used in machine learning. Its a really best language for DS.

Python for data science?

Python is used for data science. Python has some amazing libraries for data science but R is mostly used programming language for DS. R and Python are also best for machine learning.

Why data science is important?

In the future we have millions or trillions of data and its a big problem to manage all data and analysis this data where comes data scientist, they manage data and work on data. In Future 

Machine learning, Artificial intelligence is also has a bright future. DS is very important in role in the future. Companies are paying so many prices for DS. In the future many opportunities in the DS field, it is very important for the future.

How much data scientists earn?

In India, The average salary of data analytics experience 1-4 is 4,24,414 rs

And if you have experience 4-6 years average salary is 8 Lac.

In the USA, the average salary of data scientists is $122700 / year.

Google Data Scientist’s salary ranges from 2Lacs rupees to 72 Lacs.

Will data science be automated?

Yes, 40% of DS work is automated but not all data is automated. The machine only automates the low-level data machines not smart more than humans. Artificial intelligence is able to visualization and interpretation of the low-level data. Bot only handles low-level data.

Data science vs computer science?

Data science and computer science both are best for a career. Data science is there you learn about mathematics, statistics, probability, and working on deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence. And in computer science, you will about algorithms software development, web development.

data science life cycle?

Phases of data Science-

  • Discovery
  • Data Preparation
  • Model Planning
  • Model Building
  • Operationalize
  • Communication Result 

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