What is back end developer-Best Frameworks, jobs?

What is back end developer?

The back end developer, unlike a front-end developer, creates code that typically executes on a web server on the Internet.

Now if you recall, a front-end web developer, they create code that typically runs in a user’s browser on their computer.

So, basically, it’s executing on the user’s computer contrasting that to a back-end developer who’s typically creating code that executes on a web server somewhere on the Internet.

i.e., not the user’s computer. Now the back-end code makes this layer or code available or basically makes available key functionality to the front-end developer or basically to any programmer who needs to access it to perform specific tasks, so things like accessing the database and so on.

back end developer is something that enabling the front-end or making something through the front end. for example, in a login form, you enter your email and password and get access to your account but here you can only see the email you entered and the password you entered but you cannot see the server-side so that is back end this means back in developers not only need to understand programming language from the databases and they should be also should be familiar with understanding the server architect as well.

Web developers should not only be perfect with a programming language and the databases they should be also familiar with the front-end part. The back end web developer so first you need to choose a server-side language like Python or Java, etc and you also need a framework like Django or flask. Django and flasks are mostly used by the python developers. 

A big part of the back-end is organizing logic and data, so those skills allow for writing code with speed and quality. And the communicate clearly with front-end developers – there’s a myth that back-end developers. The Back-end developers are a big part of allowing users to do what they need to do to get done, so it’s a joint effort between front-end developers and back-end developers. 

Back end Languages?


Python programming is the world’s fastest-growing and most popular programming language, not just amongst software engineers, but also amongst mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, accountants, networking engineers, and even kids! Because it’s a very beginner-friendly programming language. 


C++ is just a programming language that allows the ‘programmer’ to type commands that the computer can understand.

Just like in English or French a programming language Has grammar or syntax rules.

For example, in English to indicate the end of a sentence we use a full stop or period whereas in c++ to indicate the end of a sentence or line you would use the semicolon



Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. It runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Java.


PHP stands for machine-readable text Preprocessor (no, the word form does not follow the name).

It’s Associate in Nursing open supply, server-side, scripting language used for the event of net applications.

By scripting language, we tend to mean a script-based program (lines of code) written for the automation of tasks.


JavaScript was first launched in the year 1995 it was just a language that is used to make your page interactive. if you want to create a webpage you need HTML right so using HTML you can create a web page but, if you want to design it better you can use CSS and to make a page interactive.


The c programming language is invented/developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs between 1969 and 1973 in the USA.

it is specially developed for the UNIX operating system which is now one of the most popular networks operating systems at that time and basically C is evolved from B which is evolved from BCPL many languages like Java, C#, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, etc.

Back end Frameworks?


 Django is a web framework. What’s a framework? The best description I ever heard of a framework is that it’s a collection of tools that you have to use in a specific way to get the best results.

So it’s less like having a toolbox and more like having a couple of modular kits from IKEA. There are many possibilities for what you can do, but there are limitations.

Even so, Django is still extremely flexible, allowing for a wide variety of websites to be built on top of it, from a simple blog to complex collections of data and features, like a newspaper.


Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application development framework written in Ruby language by David Heinemeier Hansson.

It allows you to write less code than other languages and frameworks. … It allows you to write less code than other languages and frameworks.


It is a PHP based backend framework that prides itself on its beautiful syntax, ability to accommodate large teams and the functionality of its modern toolkit.

Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern and was built to facilitate extensive backend development.

Back-end developer jobs?

Back End Developer:

The back end developer manages all backend processes. For example, if you are using Facebook and goto login section and enter your username and password and click the login button where comes back end development and check your password and user name is correct or not and give an answer these all process manage by backend developers. 

Java Developer:

The Java developer is managing all design, management, apps which is using to build java programming.

Full-Stack Developer:

The full stack developer manages all the processing front end and backend.

DevOps Engineer:

DevOps engineer is an IT professional they work with SD (software developers), SO (system operator), and admin panel. DevOps work with the software development lifecycle.

Software Engineer:

Software Engineers build software, manage projects, create software structure, maintain software.

iOS Developer:

iOS is an operating system. It is using in apple smartphones, iPad, etc. iOS developers build applications for iOS operating systems. And manage operating system applications.

Back End Development Salaries?

The salary of backend developers.

  • The average salary of a back end developer is more than- 69k $
  • The medium salary of a back end developer is more than – 96k $
  • The maximum salary of a back end developer is more than – 117k $

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