Which is best? Java programming vs Python programming?

First Release – 

Python programming (1991) is an older language when compared to Java programming (1995).

Python is created by Guido van Rossum.  And java is created by  James Gosling at Sun Microsystems

Type of Language – 

Java is a compiled object-oriented programming language. It’s basically used for backend and web development and application development.

Python is an interpreted scripting language with object-oriented features.

It’s basically used for backend development and DS, ML, Web Development.

Ease of coding – 

In Java, everything is class and object-oriented and includes several long keywords which at starting seems a little tougher.

Python is easy to understand with a simple syntax that feels like a pseudo-code.

Code – 

Java is statically typed as variables are declared with data types beforehand and they are determined at compile time.

Python is dynamically typed as there is no need to define the type of variable beforehand and they are checked at run-time.

Usage – 

Uses of Java  programming 

Web – There are numerous java frameworks that are currently used by many tech companies to design their products.

Apps – Various apps for android are built on the basis of Java programming language although newer languages like Kotlin, Flutter are popular nowadays Java is still the standard.

Various high-end cloud-based servers are also run using Java.

Uses of Python programming

Data Science, AI, ML, NLP – Most of the trending fields use Python in there work although the actual libraries (or) tools written in other languages python make it simpler to access it.

Web Development – Django, the flask has started to grow and most of the applications are based on them. Django is the most secure framework for web development.

Automation, Web Scraping, Data visualization are much easier to do it python with its rich number of modules.

The community of java programming or python programming- 

Java community is more centered around the Oracle Corporation.

Python community is a very big community, diverse, and open.

Takeaways – 

If you are new to programming then getting started with python is a bit easier than java.

Switching languages isn’t a problem as everyone switches language based on the project and chooses the language which makes the work simpler and efficient.

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