Difference between kotlin vs java | 2021

What is the kotlin programming language?

java vs kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed, open-source, free programming language that specifically targets Jvm, android, javascript, and native, and it is officially released in 2016.

Kotlin supports object-oriented programming language features like another language such as c++, java, etc;

 Kotlin was initially designed for the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and Android. It was developed by JetBrains.which is a software development company whose tools are designed for software developers such as IntelliJ IDEA. Pycharm etc;

Kotlin language is sponsored by Google and about 3 years ago, In the year 2017 GOOGLE announced kotlin as an official language used for Android development.

What is the java programming language?

kotlin vs java

Java is an object-oriented, secured, class-based, strongly typed, concurrent, robust, and general-purpose programming language. It is a widely used language in the world. It is a powerful language and it is used to develop a mobile application, desktop application, embedded systems, Games, Web Applications, and servers. It is also used in database connectivity.

Java is a high-level programming language developed by sun microsystem and released in the year 1995.

The biggest advantage of java is that it runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX.

Java is owned by oracle and currently, 3.5 million + devices using the java language this make java one of the most popular languages.

Difference between kotlin vs java programming languages?

Key PointsJava programmingKotlin Programming
Developed bySun microsystemJet brains
SyntaxJava Codefun main(args : Array<String>) {    println(“Hello, World!”)}Kotlin Codepublic class MyFirstJavaProgram {
   public static void main(String []args) {      System.out.println(“Hello World”);   }}
Launching year19952016
Lines of codesmore line of codesLess line of codes
CompilationByte codeJava virtual machine (JVM)
Invariant arrayJava doesn’t have an invariant array.Kotlin has an invariant array.
Static memberJava has static membersKotlin doesn’t have a static member
Lambda expressionDoesn’t have lambda expression.Lambda expression available.
Functional programmingJava is not a functional programming language.Kotlin is a functional programming language.
Check exceptionJava has checked exceptions.Kotlin does not have checked exceptions.
ConversionJava has support for implicit conversions.No support for implicit widening conversions.
CommunityJava has more community support.Kotin has less community support.
Compilation speedJava is comparatively faster.Kotlin is comparatively slow.
NULL pointer exceptionJava doesn’t’ have null safety.Kotlin has null safety.
Extension FunctionsNot available in java programming.It’s available in kotlin programming.
Inline FunctionsNot available in java programming.It’s available in kotlin programming.
Native Support for DelegationNot available in java programming.It’s available in kotlin programming.
Non-private FieldsIt’s available in java programming.Not available in kotlin programming.
NullPointerExceptionsIt’s available in java programming.Not available in kotlin programming.
Static MembersIt’s available in java programming.Not available in kotlin programming.
Smart CastsNot available in java programming.It’s available in kotlin programming.


Is kotlin better than Java?

Simply no, Java program can run on almost every system, java has the majority of an android application, while kotlin is still new as compare to java and it has less community support.

Is kotlin easier than Java?

Kotlin is easier than java if you have previous knowledge of any programming language and it is much easier if you know java already.

Should I learn Kotlin or Java 2021?

It depends on you and your need if you have knowledge of any programming language.

Is kotlin Replacing Java?

If the question is that will kotlin replace java? then the answer is definitely not, because java is evolving and becoming a nice language to use. 
Now come to our question then we can surely say that, after the announcement of google that kotlin is the first choice for android development, It is gaining popularity year by year. but definitely, it will not replace java.

Can I learn Kotlin without Java?

Yes, you can learn kotlin without java, but as it is mentioned earlier if you have prior knowledge of any programming language or java then it is easier.

Is kotlin the future?

Considering Android app development, and after becoming Google kotlin oriented itself, many of the developers are shifting to kotlin, and many of the java apps are being rewritten in kotlin language, so we can definitely say that kotlin is the future in android development fields.

Does Google own Kotlin?

NO, kotlin is owned by JetBrains kotlin is the preferred language of google for android development.

Why does Google use Kotlin?

Kotlin have many features like kotlin code short than java code, kotlin is easy to use, kotlin has good system. 

Which companies use Kotlin?

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, and many more.

Is kotlin frontend or backend?

It is both frontend and backend.

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