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Difference between C vs C++

What is C Programming language?

C Programming is a procedural language. C programming is built In 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. C is the low-level programming language.C programming language is mainly used for building an operating system like Windows, Linux, ubuntu, etc.C is also known as the mother of all programming languages. C programming is the best language for beginners. Educational institutes and software industries prefer C as the primary language to learn and C standards have been maintained by ANSI it means American National Standards Institute subsequently by is the International Organization for Standardization.C is mainly used for doubting system software’s like operating systems compilers and assemblers and text editors are print spooler and network drivers as well databases.

What is c++ programming language?

C++ programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup (Bell labs in 1979).C programming language used to create a high-performance application. C++ Support Object-oriented programming and procedural programming. C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language. C++ is also used to create an operating system.

What is the Difference between c vs c++ programming languages?

S.NO.Key pointsC++
1IntroductionC language was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs in 1969.C++ Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell labs in 1979.
2Type of languageC programming is a procedural type of programming language.C++ is a Procedural and Object-oriented language.
3OOPC programming language does not support the concept of OOP(object-oriented programming).C++ supports OOP(object-oriented programming) concept.
4FeaturesC does not support encapsulation, operator overloading, namespace feature, polymorphism, inheritance.C++ supports encapsulation, operator overloading, namespace feature, polymorphism, inheritance. 
5Syntax#include<stdio.h>int main() {    printf(“Hello, World!”);    return 0;}#include<iostream>
int main() {    std::cout << “Hello World!”;    return 0;}
6Structure of codeC and C++ code structures are similar.C++ and C code structures are similar.
7PartC language is a subgroup of C++ programming language.C++ programming language is a superset of C language.
8FunctionIn C we can not define the function inside of the structure.In c++ we can define a function inside the structure.
9Default Header fileIn C we use stdio.h header file.In C++ we use iostream.h header file.
10Print syntaxIn C we use printf function.Example:printf(“Hello world”);In C++ we use cout.Example:cout<<” Hello World”;
11Reference variablesC does not support Reference variablesC++ supports Reference variables.
12Exception handlingC does not support exception handlingC++ supports exception handling
13Input syntaxIn c  we use scanf() function.Example:scanf(“%d”,&a);In c++ we use cin.Example:cin>>a;
14Data security In C data can be manipulated by outsiders. C programming does not support encapsulation.C++ supports encapsulation.It has more secure than a c programming language. C++ hide data
15KeywordsIn c programming 32 keywords are available.In c++ 52 keywords are available.
16MemoryC programming supports malloc() & calloc() functions for the memory allocation, and free() function for the memory de-allocation.C++ programming supports a new operator for the memory allocation and a delete operator for the memory de-allocation.
17File extension.c extension in c program files.cpp extension in c++ program files.
18GUI programmingC programming has a Gkt tool for the graphic user interface.C++ has QT tools for the graphic user interface.
19ScopeC is mainly used to build an OS(operating systems) and Embedded system.C++ is mainly used in application development.
20ApproachC programming follows a top-down approach or a stepwise approach in memory management.C++ programming follows a bottom-up approach in memory management.
21HandlingC does not support exception handlingC++ supports exception handling
22Data typesC C++ both have similar type of data typesC C++ has Similar data types

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Is C++ better than C?

C is a general-purpose procedural programming language, and c++ is a procedural & object-oriented programming language. C is mainly used for Embedded systems and Operating systems. C is used in competitive programming and application development & remote development. C++ is better than c programming. C++ is faster and secure more than c programming.C++ also supports some high-level features.

Is C easier than c++?

Yes, C programming is easier than c++. But both languages are similar syntax. If you are new in the programming field you must go with c programming.

Is it better to learn c vs c++?

Yes, if You are a new programming field and start your career in programming you should learn first c programming. C programming help to clear your logic and helps to learn high-level programming language.

Is C++ easy to learn if you know C?

If you already know c programming you can easily learn c++. C and C++ are similar syntaxes. 

Should I learn C++ or Python?

C++ and Python both are the best. C++ is mainly used for competitive programming and application development. Python is mainly used for machine learning, web-development, Data science, Application Development, etc. If you go to the field of competitive programming and fast speed applications development go with c++, and if you want to learn Machine learning, Data science, web development you go with python. 

Does C++ have Future?

Yes, C++ is a good future. Cpp is a basic of all higher-level programming languages like Java, Python, etc. C++ is used in many software and applications. C++ is good for future.  

Is c++ hard to learn?

If you are new in the programming field you first go to c programming. And if you already know c programming c++ is easy to learn for you.

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