Difference between kotlin vs java | 2021

What is the kotlin programming language? Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed, open-source, free programming language that specifically targets Jvm, android, javascript, and native, and it is officially released in 2016. Kotlin supports object-oriented programming language features like another language such as c++, java, etc;  Kotlin was initially designed for the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and … Read more

What is Natural language processing |Uses & Work

Hi, today I’m discussing natural language processing or NLP. Now, NLP is a technique of computer science that teaches the computer how to understand the text.  For example, Google uses it to match queries to documents. Alexa, use it to transform our voice into commands. And Facebook uses it to detect spam comments, Speech Recognition, … Read more

Difference between C vs C++ | Pure Coders

Difference between C vs C++ What is C Programming language? C Programming is a procedural language. C programming is built In 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. C is the low-level programming language.C programming language is mainly used for building an operating system like Windows, Linux, ubuntu, etc.C is also known as the mother of all programming … Read more

What is Go programming language? Uses | Top Companies using Go

What is Go programming language? Go programming language is open-sourced and it was a closed source, I guess, project internally at Google. The whole idea was rather than writing very big servers, with big machines, many cores, many developers, all of that thing. So, with Go basically, what they tried to do it, let’s remove … Read more

What is javascript? [Uses][Importance][Learn free online – 2 ways]

What is javascript: Once upon a time, there was an online. You know, a bunch of computers all connected by wires. One person on a pc will browse documents from another person’s pc employing a language referred to as markup language.  Each computer’s web browser will properly show these documents. Add CSS to the combo … Read more

Which is best? Java programming vs Python programming?

First Release –  Python programming (1991) is an older language when compared to Java programming (1995). Python is created by Guido van Rossum.  And java is created by  James Gosling at Sun Microsystems Type of Language –  Java is a compiled object-oriented programming language. It’s basically used for backend and web development and application development. … Read more

What is programming languages| 4 Best books to learn

What is programming languages? Programming languages are a set of words and some symbols used to write programs a programming language is a combination of some words and some symbols the combination of these symbols and words makes some programs the platform on which these programs are written which is called programming language. java is … Read more

What is Python programming used for? Best 2 books to learn

What is Python programming used for? Python programming means not a snake or a thing it is a computer programming language This programming language was invented by Guido Van Rossum in 1981. it is very easy to learn. Google, Youtube, and even NASA used python to make their software. Python has three versions python one … Read more

What Is Competitive Programming?[5 Websites to learn]

What Is Competitive Programming ? What Is Competitive Programming ? Competitive programming, or CP for short, is a mind sport where participants need to write programs to solve well-defined problems. Those problems are often related to algorithms, data structures, math, and logic. The programs of the contestants are judged by many different factors including how … Read more