What is Selenium Framework | Limitation | 9 Key Points

Introduction to Selenium framework Selenium framework is an open-source Automation framework which we are using for automating our Web applications on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox Internet explorer, opera on multiple Platforms, So selenium is platform-independent¬† And what we mean by platform-independent We mean that we can run our scenarios on multiple Platforms and on … Read more

What is Nodejs | Why you should learn

What is Nodejs Node and nodejs are exactly the same things, you can say a node is a nickname for nodejs. The js extension stands for Javascript. Javascript on your backend servers javascript is mainly used for frontend but using node you can use javascript in the backend. Node offers a lot more think Then … Read more

What is angularjs? Uses | Key feature |

What is angularjs? AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework, which is used to build a web application. Google has developed AngularJS.AngularJS is an open-source project ie. it can be downloaded, used, and changed by anyone as per the requirement AngularJS provides an excellent platform for creating a Single Page Application(SPA). An example of a Single Page … Read more

What is R language used for? Best Explanation

Introduction of R language R language is one of the most widely used primary languages specifically for machine learning and data science along with some data analysis and visualization room it was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. it is one of the best statistics to consider for data processing data cleaning … Read more