What is programming languages| 4 Best books to learn

What is programming languages? Programming languages are a set of words and some symbols used to write programs a programming language is a combination of some words and some symbols the combination of these symbols and words makes some programs the platform on which these programs are written which is called programming language. java is … Read more

What is Python programming used for? Best 2 books to learn

What is Python programming used for? Python programming means not a snake or a thing it is a computer programming language This programming language was invented by Guido Van Rossum in 1981. it is very easy to learn. Google, Youtube, and even NASA used python to make their software. Python has three versions python one … Read more

What is Data Structures ?[Importance] [3 Ways to Learn free online]

What Is Data Structures We are living in an Information Age now what does that mean it simply means that everything around you it’s all about informing the IT industry which you are working with its IT which is information technology right so what they need is information but we have to store that data … Read more