Difference between kotlin vs java | 2021

What is the kotlin programming language? Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed, open-source, free programming language that specifically targets Jvm, android, javascript, and native, and it is officially released in 2016. Kotlin supports object-oriented programming language features like another language such as c++, java, etc;  Kotlin was initially designed for the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and … Read more

What is Natural language processing |Uses & Work

Hi, today I’m discussing natural language processing or NLP. Now, NLP is a technique of computer science that teaches the computer how to understand the text.  For example, Google uses it to match queries to documents. Alexa, use it to transform our voice into commands. And Facebook uses it to detect spam comments, Speech Recognition, … Read more

Difference between C vs C++ | Pure Coders

Difference between C vs C++ What is C Programming language? C Programming is a procedural language. C programming is built In 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. C is the low-level programming language.C programming language is mainly used for building an operating system like Windows, Linux, ubuntu, etc.C is also known as the mother of all programming … Read more

Difference between Data science vs machine learning

Data science vs machine learning both is fastly growing in all industries and companies. Companies are now looking for data science experts and machine learning experts for they help to grow companies’ profit and branding.  Data science and machine learning both are connected to each other. Both have their own specific meaning and applications. According … Read more

What is SDK |Applications|Best Example

What is SDK? SDK is the acronym that you hear these days especially when you want to build mobile apps or build anything on the available today’s technology. So SDK stands for a software development kit and now let’s have a look at what is this kit and what is included so basically a software … Read more

What is Selenium Framework | Limitation | 9 Key Points

Introduction to Selenium framework Selenium framework is an open-source Automation framework which we are using for automating our Web applications on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox Internet explorer, opera on multiple Platforms, So selenium is platform-independent  And what we mean by platform-independent We mean that we can run our scenarios on multiple Platforms and on … Read more

What is API | Rest API | GraphQL | Types

What is API? API stands for application program interface and APIs are used all over the internet in general an API is a way for a database to communicate with something else it could be an individual a website like github.com or an app like Cuba the information goes both ways and can be used … Read more

What is Nodejs | Why you should learn

What is Nodejs Node and nodejs are exactly the same things, you can say a node is a nickname for nodejs. The js extension stands for Javascript. Javascript on your backend servers javascript is mainly used for frontend but using node you can use javascript in the backend. Node offers a lot more think Then … Read more